Year 2018 – Day 99

Cleveland vacation is over. Got back home earlier this afternoon. Time to summarize the remainder of my trip.

Saturday went to brunch with some friends to SoHo in Ohio City. They give you some biscuits with butter and jam to start. They were really good. I got the hush pups and gravy, side of bacon and washed it down with a Tee Time. It was really delicious. I would recommend this place again. You definitely have to get there once they open or make some reservations. The house hot sauce was really good. It’s for sale as well.

After brunch we went to the west side market near by. I would definitely go there in the future to get some food. Lots of different foods and pretty reasonable prices.

Later in the afternoon, I went bowling with some friends. I haven’t bowled in years. I bowled like crap the first game, but turned it around the second game. After bowling we hit up the arcade in the back. I spent $20 to get $3 worth of candy. Totally worth it.

For dinner, we picked up some Boneyard and went over to another friends house to hang out. I got chicken parm over penne. It wasn’t too bad. We ate dinner there and watched the end of the Blue Jackets game. After that we went back home to chill. Played some video games and had a peanut butter canoli from West Side Market.

Sunday morning, my friend made us breakfast. We had pancakes and maple bacon from West Side Market. I ate a ton of pancakes and my weight in bacon. For lunch, we went downtown to Mable. I got the pork ribs with potatoes as a side. The ribs were really good. They just fell off the bones. The house sauces weren’t that bad either. The Mabel sauce is mustard based.

After lunch, we went to watch a hockey game at the Q. We saw the Cleveland Monsters vs San Antonio Rampage. It was pretty good game. The home team lost, but I got to see a bunch of goals and some fights.

We got some dinner on the way home. We went to Dewey’s Pizza in Lakewood. I got the seasonal pie Ballpark. It tasted just like a ballpark hotdog. It wasn’t that bad.

Today I ate the left over pizza and headed to the airport. It was easy to get thru security. Took a nap on the plane, but woke up because it was really hot in the cabin for some reason. Took two trains then walked home and now my vacation is over.

Time to rest up for my next adventure. Stay tuned!

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