Year 2018 – Day 96

Adventure time! This time I went to Cleveland to visit some friends. Took a mid-afternoon nonstop flight there. Had to take an early train because due to scheduling. Left my apartment around 10am to get some breakfast then walked to the train station. Got the airport around 12:15pm and waited around until my flight. JFK was nice and easy. Spend a bunch of time people watching before my flight.

My flight was pretty fast. Only 90 minutes or so. It was a small regional plane so I had to duck my head when walking in it and it was kinda cramped since I’m a fat ass.

Got to the airport and my friend picked me up. We went back to his house to drop off my stuff and wait for one of his friends. Then a group of us went to the Cavs – Wizards game. It was my first game at the Q. It was really fun and the atmosphere was nice. We got club seats so we got a waitress that would take our order. Before sitting down, I got some Bar Simon. Got a Polish Boy, some Lola fries and a beer to start the night. During the game I got some nachos, double JD and Pepsi and a hot dog. On the way out there were giving out Takis, so I got some of those for a snack.

The game was really good. The Wizards were up 15 in the 3rd, but the Cavs fought back and made some key defensive stops in the 4th to seal the win.

Today is another day of sports and food. Going to the Indians home opener.

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