Year 2018 – Day 91

Yesterday woke up and drove to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to meet up with some family friends for get together.  The drive was pretty quick.  Took me about 3.5 hours with a quick gas pitstop.

We went to an Indian buffet for lunch.  Love me some chicken tikka.  I got two plates of food and fought the itis pretty bad.  Then went back to chill at the AirBNB.

When on vacation I eat a bunch apparently.  I had two plates of food at lunch and then had two dinners.  Had some tacos from a Mexican place and then some Pho from a noodle place.  Then kept eating to see if I could blow up like a tick.  Had some tea, cake, Tim Tams and other desserts.  Watched the Final Four and called it a night.

Today went to Federal Taphouse for a brunch.  They had a lot of beers on tap.  I got the breakfast sandwich with bacon and it was pretty good.  After brunch, I headed back home.  There was a a few delays once I got closer to NY.  Once I got home, I passed out for a few hours. I gotta rest up for my next adventure.


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