Year 2018 – Day 42

Oh man.  I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t been able to go on many fun adventures, but I do get to go places for work which is still an adventure.  The last couple of days I’ve had to drive a bunch.

Thursday I had to go out to East Hampton to have a business lunch with a potential new hire.  Free lunch always a good thing, but driving 4 hours total to have it, not so great.  Got a nice chicken sandwich and stayed out there until evening to get some dinner as well.  Hung out with old friends and got an eppi roll from a local pizza place then drove home.

Friday I was working in the data center installing new servers then I had to go pick up some parts for a client’s server that crashed.  I had to drive to Microcenter to pick up hard drives then all the way out to Brooklyn to get some cables.  It was 1.5 hour drive to Brooklyn because of traffic and then 2 hours back from Brooklyn.  The place I had to go to was basically Staten Island.  It was out there.  There was so much traffic on the I-278 and on the way back the quickest way was the Belt Parkway which was HELL.

I didn’t have to deliver the items that night.  I had to drive out back to East Hampton the next day.  So I got some food on my way out and put it on the company card since it was a company trip… kinda sorta.

I got some sliders from Smokin Wolf which was amazing as usual.  Hung out there for a few and caught up with a friend.  Hopefully I will be able to have more adventures once I get settled into my new job.

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