Year 2018 – Day 125

Cinco de Mayo! When life gives you lemons you go to a Yankees game. It was my first Yankee game of the year. They played against the Indians. I got great seats along the left field foul line – two rows back. It was really nice out. I got a little bit of color as an added bonus. The people next to me in the row were Indians fans. I always end up next to the opposing team when I go to games.

After the game, I got to take a crowded train downtown. Since it was nice out I walked from Penn Station down to Chelsea Market to get some food. I had to get some Los Tacos No. 1 because they are delicious. The line is always long, but it’s worth it. After eating my quesadillas, I went to Doughnuttery to get some Purple Pig donuts (Maple, Purple Potatoes and Bacon). Then to cleanse my palate I went down to L’Arte del Gelato for some sorbet. I got lemon and raspberry. Then because I’m a fatass I finished it off with a Bahn Mi sandwich from Num Pang. My go to there is the Grilled Khmer Sausage with some Sriacha sauce.

After this feast for this fatty, I walked back to Penn Station and caught a train home to think about what I’ve done and to rest up for my next adventure.

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