Year 2018 – Day 104

NYC adventure time. Went to the Mets game yesterday with some friends. It was my first game there this season. It was a back and forth game and more action than the Indians game I went to in Cleveland. The weather was amazing. It was in the 60s and light breeze. I didn’t eat anything before the game and got some ballpark fair. When I got there I got two hot dogs and a pretzel to hold me over since I was basically starving. Then I got a pastrami sandwich that I spend a while in line for, but it was worth it. I actually caught a foul ball at the game. I gave it to a kid that was near me since I’m not going to do anything with a baseball. It was pretty cool feeling. Got a nice applause from the crowd. I’m also glad I was able to finally catch a ball. When I was younger I went to a Mets game at old Shea stadium and was upper 300/400 behind homeplate (can’t remember exactly) and missed catching a foul ball. I was eating a hot dog at the time and it literally went a row or two behind me. I thought I would never live that down, but I got to redeem myself.

This was also the first time I took LIRR to the game. The train platform was packed, but most of the people waiting were heading westbound and I was heading east. I got home just after midnight and went to sleep.

Today I woke up early and took a train back to NYC to meet up with some friends from Cali. We got brunch in Washington Heights. They used to live in Washington Heights and I used to live in the Bronx, so it was kind of a trip to our old neighborhood. Nothing in that area has changed much, besides a Sbarro being there and the McDonald’s looking modern.

For brunch, I got the stuffed crepes and a Mimosa because I was trying to be somewhat healthy – keyword somewhat. It was pretty good. After brunch, we went to the Natural Museum of Science. Since it was the weekend, we had to navigate the lovely MTA and all of it’s glory. We took a total of 3 trains to get to the museum when on a normal day it would have just been one. Thank you MTA, thank you so much.

I haven’t been to the museum in years. The only thing I remember is the dinosaur when you enter and the whale. We spend a lot of time walking around and looking at most of the museum. We didn’t get any exhibit tickets so we couldn’t check out all of it. It was really fun and I got my money’s worth ($5 mwahahah).

After the museum, we went our separate ways. I was going to head down to Chelsea Market for some tacos, but MTA weekend schedule struck again. There were no downtown trains at the museum stop. I walked from 81st down to 59th and caught a train to Penn Station instead. I got some Shake Shack instead.

Now I’m home and have to get ready for my next adventure.

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