Year 2018 – Day 224

Went to Flushing yesterday to meet some people for a friend’s birthday celebration.

Had some shabu shabu at Spring Shabu Shabu.  It was pretty sweet because it was all you can eat buffet.  The only thing you had to pay extra for was the meat or seafood.

My first go around I got veggies and some noodles.  We got some lean beef for the table that I added to my spicy broth.

My second go around, I got more noodles and some dumplings to munch on.  Got a refill for the broth and let the noodles soak up all that flavor.  Finished the meal with some vanilla and green tea soft serve.

After dinner, we went to Zebra Lounge for some good old fashion karaoke.  Started the session with shot to get some liquid courage then a Sapporo.

We were there for 5 hours and I’m still recovering.  Luckily I don’t have to work today.