Year 2018 – Day 147

Yesterday went out to NYC to meet up with some friends from my previous job. The main highlight was to go to a Yankee game, but we decided to meet up earlier to hang out. Headed into Penn and met up at the bar. Started off with a Jack and Coke while the rest of the guys had a couple already.

After finishing our drinks we headed over to Barcade to hang out before the game. Barcade is a bar that has old arcade games that you can play. I got a few dollars worth of tokens and played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghouls N Ghosts, RBI baseball, Marvel v Capcom 2 and some Dayton Racing. Then I had some Tetris Tots.

We left there and headed up to Yankee Stadium. Since it was the weekend and the MTA is renovating until 2050 at this point, all the trains were running on different tracks. We had to take probably 3 different trains and walk to a few different stations because trains weren’t stopping at all of the stops. Luckily we left when we did because we got to the stadium just in time. I got food and drinks for the guys and we sat down right at first pitch.

We sat in the 200 section, which isn’t that bad. It was pretty humid in the stadium and the Yankees got beat pretty bad. We decided to leave in after the 7th to try and beat traffic. Getting back to Penn wasn’t too horrible with the train maintenance. Got a Jamba Juice smoothie for the ride home and caught my train home.

It was nice NYC adventure. My next adventure will be a Hamptons long weekend for a family friend wedding in June. Better rest up.

Year 2018 – Day 125

Cinco de Mayo! When life gives you lemons you go to a Yankees game. It was my first Yankee game of the year. They played against the Indians. I got great seats along the left field foul line – two rows back. It was really nice out. I got a little bit of color as an added bonus. The people next to me in the row were Indians fans. I always end up next to the opposing team when I go to games.

After the game, I got to take a crowded train downtown. Since it was nice out I walked from Penn Station down to Chelsea Market to get some food. I had to get some Los Tacos No. 1 because they are delicious. The line is always long, but it’s worth it. After eating my quesadillas, I went to Doughnuttery to get some Purple Pig donuts (Maple, Purple Potatoes and Bacon). Then to cleanse my palate I went down to L’Arte del Gelato for some sorbet. I got lemon and raspberry. Then because I’m a fatass I finished it off with a Bahn Mi sandwich from Num Pang. My go to there is the Grilled Khmer Sausage with some Sriacha sauce.

After this feast for this fatty, I walked back to Penn Station and caught a train home to think about what I’ve done and to rest up for my next adventure.